How long will my order take?

All orders are packed and processed in the order that they are received. But everything -- from start to finish -- is done by me and my two little hands :) so it may take a few days for your order to be packed and processed, especially during peak times like the holidays. Generally, a good estimate is between 5-7 business days unless otherwise noted.

Do you wholesale your products?

Yes! I currently wholesale hats, ornaments, and greeting cards and stickers. Sun Drifters are not available for wholesale at this time. If you are interested in wholesale, please email ali@localicreative.com.

Where can I find your products?

You can see a current list of wholesale vendors here.

Do Sun Drifters make noise?

No, these are not intended to be wind chimes. These are mostly silent pieces with very little noise.

How much do Sun Drifters cost?

Sun Drifters start at about $150 but each one varies depending on size.

What are Sun Drifters made of?

Sun Drifters are a combination of stainless steel, brass, and wood.

Will my Sun Drifter rust?

Brass doesn’t rust due to its low iron content. However, brass reacts to oxygen, which results in a natural patina to protect the metal from corrosion. I leave these pieces unsealed to embrace the natural beauty of the elements. But you can easily polish up your piece at home if you prefer your wall hanging without its patina. 

How do I clean my wall hanging?

Take the rough end of a damp sponge and lightly buff each rod. Then immediately wipe with a clean, dry cloth. For tougher patinas, you can use a mix of baking soda and lemon juice. Just make sure to completely wipe everything clean after to avoid any corrosion.

They sell out so quick and I can't get one! Do you take custom orders or pre-orders?

Custom pieces are difficult to accommodate because I can't know or predict how a piece will turn out until I start working on it. Working with nature means that each piece is different and things come up throughout the creative process. I really have to work with the wood and what it allows me to do, which means I can't promise that it will turn out a certain way. 

That being said, I have come up with another option. Instead of custom orders, I've come up with something called the Dibs List. This is a list that you can sign up to be on and for each collection I give 2 people a sneak peek of the current collection. Those 2 people have the opportunity to purchase a piece from the collection before it is released to the general public. If you'd like to be added to the Dibs List, please click here.

Do you have tips on how to check out quickly when trying to purchase on release days?

1. Head directly to the Sun Drifter page on my website a few minutes before release time.

2. As soon as release time comes, refresh the page. It may take a few refreshes for the Sun Drifters to appear. But if you do not refresh the page, they will not come up. 

3. I recommend having your credit card information memorized, or have a place where it's written out on your computer or phone so you can copy and paste it in at check out. This will save you time and will move you through the check out queue faster than someone typing in their information or who forgot to grab their wallet.