Why Brand Authenticity Matters Now More Than Ever

Brand Authenticity
With so many Big Island businesses and individuals branding themselves on social media as valuable, it’s incredibly difficult to set your brand or business apart from everyone else. So even if you get in front of your target customer on a platform (organically or through advertising), how do you turn a first impression into a nurtured relationship?

Brand  authenticity.

But what is it about brand authenticity that appeals to your target customer?
When users on social media feel like they’re blatantly being sold to, their relationship with the brand feels less valuable. But if in the process of selling their products, the brand shares something else of value – something they’re passionate about, a vision, or even something that inspires them – it adds to the way their target customer envisions that brand and their relationship with that brand. That’s brand authenticity.
Even when I’m not ready to purchase a product yet, if a company inspires me or gives me something of value in their online presence, I’ll usually stick around just to continue to see what they’re all about. And who do you think I’m going to choose when I’m ready to purchase a product? The brand that inspires me and feels valuable beyond their product? Or the brand that only tried to sell me their product? By being a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the noise of sell, sell, sell – you gain the trust of your target customer. And trust is what turns into sales.
So how do you make sure you’re being authentic on social media while still offering your products and services?
Being successfully authentic online has everything to do with your brand’s marketing message and identity. Mastering your message — what you do, how you do it, what sets you apart, in addition to your values, goals, and passions — is the foundation of your brand.


Need Help With Your Brand’s Message? 

If you’ve already mastered your brand’s message, then you are already on the right path to expressing it authentically. It’s simply a matter of communicating that message and incorporating it into your online presence in the right ways. But if your brand’s message – its foundation – feels a little fuzzy, then it’s no wonder you aren’t communicating it effectively.
If you need help with your brand’s foundation, read more about mastering your message. Once you have the confidence in the essence of your brand, you’ll be able to communicate that message wholeheartedly. No fumbling, no missed connections. Then, it’s all about aligning your Big Island social media campaign to fully and authentically represent that message. That’s where the relationship building begins.
Be confident in displaying the essence of your brand and let it be the foundation of everything you do online. If you share something that doesn’t feel authentic, it will show. Stick to the core values of your brand, give people the opportunity to relate to what and who you are, and they will value not only your brand, but the relationship they have with your brand.

Want to dive deep into your business’s brand authenticity? Let’s do it.

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