Social  Media  Marketing

Do you understand the value of social media marketing for your small business, but know  you just don’t have the time?

Could your small business benefit from the strategy of a marketing professional?

Are you ready to see someone execute, follow through, and provide detailed results?


Aloooooooha !

Social media marketing has proven to small business owners across the world that it’s not just a fad. A strong social media presence can do wonders for small businesses — turning strangers into followers, followers into supporters, and supporters into loyal, paying customers.

But when it comes to running a small business, many times social media and other marketing efforts fall on the back burner. Just because it can be a fun and creative aspect of running a business, doesn’t make it any easier or less important than say, balancing your checkbook.


That ‘ s  where  I  come  in . 

No…I’m not going to balance your checkbook. But I will customize a social media marketing package specifically for your business based on your goals, and execute it on a monthly basis.

All social media packages are completely tailored to each individual business, which means pricing will vary depending on your business and goals.

The  customi z ation  process  will  go  as  follows :

  • You and I will sit down (in person or virtually) and dive deep into the heart of your business and messaging, get to know your target customer, and discuss your marketing goals and needs
  • I’ll analyze your current social media presence and determine which platforms will most successfully achieve those goals. You read that right — you don’t have to be on every social media platform!
  • I’ll create a custom package for your business and budget that you’ll receive at a later date, and we can tweak and adjust as needed

I can’t wait to discuss the goals you have for your business’s social media presence, and design a custom package specifically for you!