Ali  Catalano
Creative  Marketing  Consultant

Big Island Marketing Consultant

Aloha !

I’m Ali Catalano, a creative marketer located on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. I specialize in helping small businesses (like yours) creatively master their online presence and communicate to their target audience.

Why  small  businesses ?

Well, I’ve tried my hand in the fancy skyrise with whiteboard-lined conference rooms where the “big ideas” happen. It wasn’t for me. The second I realized big ideas can be anywhere; and are everywhere, was the second I left and never looked back.

I realized that I could offer my skills and services to anyone, anywhere. And so Locali Creative was born. My creative marketing skills turn ideas into sales, passions into careers, and dreams into reality. And in the process of helping others achieve their own goals and dreams, I’m achieving my own.

For years, I hopped around the east coast trying to find a place (and career) that could hold my attention long enough to reach an employee review. I always wanted a little piece of everything. Travel, fashion, food, music, photography, you name it – I was into it. I still am into it! As a creative marketer, I’ve worked on everything from wedding invitations to aviation, and I happily continue to watch this list grow.

I am now lucky enough to be based in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii as a Big Island Marketing Consultant teaching small business owners how they can creatively manage their own marketing efforts. By helping such a wide variety of businesses master their online presence, I am constantly learning about new people, skills, and industries, and I certainly don’t get bored.

I’d love to hear about your small business and your big ideas — let’s make them come to life!


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